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How do I join ESRF?2021-07-25T07:32:37+00:00

To join click on the Join button on the menu and submit your payment.

Alternatively, you can mail your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, and PAYMENT FOR MEMBERSHIP to ESRF P.O. Box 1796 Daphne, Al 36526 and we will contact you upon receipt.

Who actually manages ESRF?2021-07-25T07:32:16+00:00

ESRF is managed by a board selected by the members of ESRF. The current board members can be found on the “Meet the Board” page.

Why should I become a member of ESRF?2021-07-25T07:31:52+00:00

Probably the greatest reason to join is to help insure that in the future anyone in need of a recovery group will have a place to meet.

Further, your membership goes a long way to help keep the “rent” paid by recovery groups as low as possible while at the same time keeping the facilities at Common Ground in good shape. All membership donations benefit individuals in recovery regardless of their ability to pay and are tax deductible. Several thousand outpatient 12 step recovery meetings are held annually making ESRF the largest not for profit charitable provider of outpatient recovery on the Eastern Shore, in Baldwin County and the greater South Alabama area.

ESRF members can also help by voting for or becoming ESRF Board Members and can help with various volunteer projects.

Couldn’t my group find another place to meet such as a group that wouldn’t make us pay to meet?2021-07-25T07:30:43+00:00

In general, recognized 12-step groups interpret the 7th Tradition. “Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions,” to mean that “free rent” is an outside contribution.

I have heard ESRF takes in much more money than is needed and has a large surplus2021-07-25T07:30:22+00:00

In 2010 ESRF received $30,000 in rent from groups that meet at Common Ground yet had about $33,000 in expenses to maintain the facilities. The shortfall of $2,600 had to be made up from ESRF members and benefactors. In addition, ESRF tries to maintain a prudent reserve to take care of emergency expenses and long term upgrades to the facilities such as carpet replacement, increase in insurance premiums, and other unexpected expenses.

(Update as this figure is 11 years old)

Why does ESRF charge groups so much?2021-07-25T07:29:58+00:00

ESRF has always kept the “rent” to the absolute minimum needed to maintain the facilities and does not turn groups away based on inability to pay.

Who owns Common Ground?2021-07-25T07:07:51+00:00

Common Ground is owned by the Eastern Shore Recovery Foundation, which consists of a Board of Directors.

What exactly is ESRF?2021-07-25T07:27:26+00:00

ESRF was created by several local individuals exclusively for the purpose of providing a meeting place for recognized 12-step recovery programs.

ESRF is a not for profit charitable foundation similar to other charitable foundations such as hospital foundations.

ESRF built Common Ground in 1991 and a new building in 2005.

The sole purpose of ESRF is to maintain the facilities and insure that it is used only for the intended purpose.

A Board of Directors elected by ESRF members insures the operation of Common Ground. They receive no salary or privileges.

What does ESRF do with all the money it collects?2021-07-25T07:28:11+00:00

The money is used only to maintain the facilities. This includes regular expenses like utilities, A/C, maintenance, insurance, as well as unplanned expenses such as roof repair, carpet replacement, or any other unexpected expense. As we all know, expenses each year such as utilities and insurance are constantly on the rise.

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